Weight loss Journey

The first kilo is off!!




The first 1,5 kg to be precise! As I have mentioned in an earlier post I want to continue my Weight Watchers journey in 2015 and it’s promising! I’m quite happy that it’s that easy to get back on track after the holiday 🙂

Since I’ve entered the WW way of life I have looked over Pinterest , Instagram and the web for ideas for recipes. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that I follow a French girl Olivia which post a lot of great pictures of her meals. She had a blog on Blopgspot but she also started a new blog/website on wordpress.

If you are French of able to read French I can recomend you fo start follwoing her! She has great recipes and she has a nice way to write full of humour. You can find her here.

A new week has already started over here and tonight I’m going to run for the 2sd time this week! I made a promise to myself to treat myself a nice running gear if I’m able to train 4 weeks on a row!!

Thanks for passing by to my blog!

See you soon Frenchies!

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