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My weightloss goals voor 2016

my weightloss goals for 2016

Hi Frenchies!

I finally got time to sit and write my goals for 2016! Yeah me!!
With determination and motivation 2016 will be good year. My hopes for this new begining is to finally achieve my weightloss and let go of the struggle.
I love making list, plans, overviews and mood board so of course I made one for my weightloss 🙂

The plan


It’s a picture of a document as I couldn’t manage to load a document to this post. And it’s in Dutch but I will translate obviously 🙂

I have cut the amout I want to  lose in smaller steps of 5 kg. And I also add 2 steps on keeping my goal weight over a year.

Step 1: under 80 kg by March 31st 2016
Step 2: under 75 kg by June 30th 2016
Step 3: under 70 kg by September 30th 2016
Step 4: under 65 kg by December 31st 2016
Step 5: under 60 kg by March 31st 2016 which is my goal weight!!
Step 6: keeping it for 6 months -> September 2017
Step 7: keeping it for a year -> March 31st 2017

I also thought of a reward list:
1. All Stars white
2. an IXXI ring ( see here what it looks like)
3. Tory Burch flats
4. Ray Ban sunglasses ( I don’t know which ones yet)
5. Fotoshoot
6. weekend getaway
7. I have no idea yet

One of the reason I want to lose weight is because I want to be able to have breast reduction surgery and my BMI has to be healty. So if everything goes according plans somewhere between Step 4 and 5 I will take some actions toward this 🙂
I intent to use this blog to journal my journey and to create accountability. I also hope I can inspire you and give you some help when you need it in your journey as well. I believe you need each other to accomplish your dreams and goals.
How am I going to do this??
  1.  Watching my diet: I follow Weight Watchers, it has helped me earlier so I’m sure it will again.
  2. Have some action: I have a great luck and luxury to have access to fitness class at my work. I will follow a yoga class on Tuesday and a crossfit class on Friday. Beside I have started dancing again and I will continue 🙂
  3. I just wanted to add a 3e ones but I have no idea (silly me)
    It seems easy right? So let’s do this!!
    I’ll keep you posted every Tuesday here :
Miss Frenchy


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