Last chapter on garden construction and more….

Our backyard is ready!!! Last weekend i’ve planted all my tomatoes, cucumber, eggplants, letuce and strawberries in my veggie garden.
Monday Hubby and I also placed the bright white gravel which is the finishing touch of our backyard.

We are happy!!

Last month Hubby and i went to Italy for the first for the holidays and we had found a nice  (as it seemed) hotel in Toscany. Our destination was Montecani Terme, north of Toscany  and later on we would drive southern to Chiancachino. The nature there was beautiful as it was green and all was blooming

 But we had to acclimate to different way of living, like lousy breakfast in the hotel, the different kind of coffee and that in Italy a lot of things are a bit hidden. But the coffee is really good there and the food and gelato’s are great!!

And we were lucky to have sunny weather!!


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