Just do it?

Just do it? Could it be really that easy?
I haven’t written a post in a long while, I couldn’t set myself to it. This is going to be a personal and vulnerable post so please be kind 😉
Where do I want to go with this post? Actually I don’t know, I felt the urge to write it after a session with a coach, we talked about what is holding me back and how I am problably not the only one. And he just said “Just do it”. So simple yet the most difficult!
My life is good as it is now: I have a good job, a nice house, a quite new car, a amazing husband who standa by me for already almost 10 years and the most wonderful boy. Still I have plans but up to now they are just dreams. I want to be an even better wife and a better mom, actually a better everything hahaha. I want to inspire other women to live their best lifes and get the best of themselve because I believe we are all gifted. I want to be the best version of myself which starts for me being at my best weight.
And how far am I with my plans, should you ask? Well, not far.
In theorie I know it already: how to lose weight ( in the last 20 years I’ve lost and gain back), how to learn new things, being active, plan and impliment but still I don’t do it. I don’t know where to start. I feel overwelmd and I freeze. Or I start but by the first hick-ups I give up and let my internal critics win. Sometimes it feels like I am the only one in this situation and I can’t talk about it to anyone. It makes me depressed sometimes and sure sick and tired of myself.
Do you recognize yourself here under:
  • you have it all written down on paper,
  • you have a clear vision of where you want to be in life,
  • you have had many therapies, coaching sessions, read all the books,
  • and still you just don’t do it?
YOU ARE NOT ALONE!and unfortunately I don’t have the answer, I just can tell you I hear you and I don’t judge you for doing so. Hopefully it will be enough for now.
I hope my words resonate to someone and I would like to tell you you are not alone, today might not be a day where you have figured it out but tomorrow might be? and if not, it’s okay too. I feel you.

I had this post all written down in my head,  it was perfect and as I read it over and over I start to doubt. I want to be able to inspire other women but my head keeps telling me that I can’t because I don’t have it all figured it out. Still, I am doing it now, JUST DOING IT, sharing my thoughts and feelings with someone on the net. For that matter no one it reading this  but I step over my fear :), a first step in a beter way.

Thank you for reading so far, please feel free to leave a comment.
Miss Frenchy


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