My weightloss journey


Welcome to my weight loss journey!

Let me introduce myself: I am a 30 something woman who thought to be too fat in her teens when she actually was not and eventually became overweight. I  also became a very good yo-yo’er 😉

That’s me, in August 2014 on a super sunny day. When I look at it I can tell that this woman is not happy with her self but she smiles even though. I wasn’t even at my highest weight. I remember feeling ashamed of myself that day.
I want to take this road/journey for the last time. I was always busy with my weight. As a young girl I found myself bigger than my classmates, as a young adult I always felt that I needed to lose weight. As a mom I still think I need to lose the extra weight. I succeeded sometimes but never for “ever”. As I grow older the wish to drop a few kilos is not (only) aesthetic anymore but has to do with my health and the role model I want to be for my kid.
I have tried many diets but still didn’t found the right one for me until I went to a Weight Watchers meeting in march 2014. That time I manage to lose 12 kg which, unfortunately came back due to stress and loss of focus I guess. Despite I gained back what I have lost I still believe in the strength of the program. YOU choose what you eat and it learns you to make better choices. That’s why I have joined Weight Watchers again in November 2016.

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I am actually scared of doing what I am about to do because I am afraid of failure (I am a queen of failure). I have tried in the past to journal my way to a healthy weight but failed. Still the idea of doing so stayed in my mind. I want to achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle, for me, for my son, for my husband and for you. To inspire you to take better care of yourself too and have a little fun along the way.
My idea is to post each week (on Tuesday) how the week has been, what my loss is and a few recipes ideas eventually.
A few digits to keep track:
Heigth: 1,63m
start weight november 2016 : 88,8 kg
Weight today: 84,3 kg
BMI: 31,6
Goal weight: 65kg
Goal bmi: 24,5


Let’s achieve some dream!

I want to thank you for reading this post and for you time.I hope you will join me in that last fat2fit journey!
Miss Frenchy

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