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Weight Watchers & me

Hi Frenchies,
In March 2014 I have started to eat according Weight Watchers.
I’ve always been a “dieter”, so far as I can remenber I always felt to be too fat. I remember wanting to eat only tomatoes during the summer of my 11th birthday because i tought I was too fat. Ever since I’ve tried all kind of diet: stop eating, eating less, sonja bakker (very popular in Holland), South beach, eat one spoon olive oil before each meal (yak!)…only a few to name. It has also cost me a lot of money ( supplement foods/pils but also new clothes). At age of 32 I ended beeing overweight with a bmi of 31,2….That’s when I started to think about Weight Watchers, as a last attempt to a healthy lifestyle and weight loss.
In october 2012 I got pregnant so there was no way I was going to enter a diet, but I also did not want to get to “huge” due to the pregnancy. By the end of it I had gained 17 kg ( not too bad right?)

week 25 3


I have given birth to a beautiful baby boy on July 29th 2013. A few weeks later, I had a closer look to myself at the hairdresser. Here I was, a young mother of 4 weeks, sitting in the hairdresser chair with a big giggly stomach! I also began to feel some pain at my feet when i stood up. At that point I still had 10 kg above my pre-pregnancy weight, which left me with a bmi of 33,9!! OMG!!!
It still took me half a year to dare start with Weight Watchers. We had a rockin’ start with the begining of our family, it took us a while to adapt and for me to make space for changes.
But on March 3rd I went to my first meeting.
Now, almost 10 months on the way I have lost 10 kg. It could have been more (of course, it always can but life happens). Nevertheless I’m still proud of it: back to my pre-pregnancy weight.
I’m entering fase 2: down sizing to a healthy weight for my height (I’m quit little) within a year from now. And of course I want to do this with Weight Watchers, because it’s not a diet but a lifestyle (I’ve heard this everywhere but it’s true). WW learns me to be aware of what I eat and gives me the possibility to choose.
So this is my goal:


Will you join me on this journey? I promise to make here regular up-dates and place my menu’s.
Thank you for ready and comments (please leave some comments:) )
Miss Frenchy

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