WW Diary: week 2&3 My weightloss journey

Hi there!
Finally an update! the first update after going open about my weight loss journey!
Weight Watchers put the last few years a huge focus on a more holistic way of losing weight and achieve an healthy lifestyle. They use 3 main focus points: Food, Fit & Feel.
I want to use these topics to describe my journey week after week until I have reach my goals and keep them 😉
so let’s start!
The results first:
week 2 : +0,6 kg (week 2)
week 3: -0,6 kg



This is a few of diners I’ve made those weeks. If you are curious how I made it, let me know, I’ll make a post about it then 😉


My goal is to run twice a week, I have to admit it was quiet a challenge to go for the past few weeks. I usually run on monday and saturday but I manage to go only on mondays.


I am actually satisfied with how it goes. I have already lost 5% of my overweight which is great. I can feel it in the way I stand and in my clothes.But the most important is I don’t deprive myself. I know it’s going to be a long haul but every day I get more confident I can do it!


I hope you enjoyed reading my diary. I’ll work hard to make it ready for next week! Untill then, enjoy!


Miss Frenchy

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