Weigh in Tuesday: An update

Hi Frenchies!

It’s been silent for a while and you know now why! I have made some changes with my blog and transformed it to a website! Yeah!

What to expect from now on? Well, I want to be more serious and consequent regarding sharing my weight loss journey with you.

Here you’ll find weekly update, a recap of my week regarding weightloss and a few recipes or daily menu. I hope you’ll find some inspiration here, Or at least recognize a bit of your own journey (or not) 😉

weigh in Tuesday

So, where am I excatly? Well since my last post I have been on holidays, I have been baptized and I decided to get ride of my overweight.

I also made a long term plan for my weight loss journey. I am aware of the fact I have a huge goal. It needs to be cut into small steps.

So my first goal is to reacht 80 kg before the end of 2015. I will then start a new year with a positive end of the year before.

My stats so far:

week 43 2015

I’m not there yet I know but the first step is set.

I hope you will enjoy following me and feel free to post comments, I’d love to hear from you!


Miss Frenchy


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