Weigh in Tuesday- week 51

week 51 2015

Hi Frenchies,
Welcome to (I think) my last weigh-in would be for 2015. It’s been a while since I have posted an update. Just like for many of you, the last month of the year seems to be a busiest one of the year!l My father came to visit us for Saint Nicholas and stayed for a few days. We were all pleased to see him as his last visit was in august. Nathan was delighted to play with his French grandpa.
Last week, my sister-in-law and her husband, H and me went to Amsterdam to see the play Anne, based on Anne Frank’s diary. We had a very nice evening together, yummie food and an emotionl play. The stage was incredible beautiful and realistic and the actors were very good.
The next day H and I went away for a few night to celebrate our 1e engagement anniversary <3 Finally a weekend away, just the two of us!!
So you can read my last few weeks weren’t very Weight Watchers centered :S And this post is not really about my weightloss journey.
Nevertheless I stood on the scale this morning and, well, I’m not disappointed. I have expected worse.

stats week 51

The end of 2015 is very close and 2016 offers new opportunities and new chances.
As a lot of people I’m busy reflecting on the past year and preparing the new one to come. I will post a blog about my reflexions soon.
Enjoy this merry moments!
Miss Frenchy

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