Cooking wednesday: Couscous salad with smoked chicken

Hi there!

I’m back, it’s been a few weeks since i wrote something but it was kind of busy here 😉
Tonight i have made a couscous salad from the Light Koken magazine of July. It’s a magazine available in Holland, with only healthy and skinny recipes which fit all kind of diet (low carb, diabetic…). I like it very much, they write about food but also mindfulness, sport, different diets available and so.

So for tonight i choose to make the Couscous salad with smoked chicken. The original recipe is for 4 persons but as i’m alone tonight I only used the half (i can take the leftovers tomorrow for my lunch).

The ingredients:
100gr of couscous
25 gr of dried raisins
1 big spoon of cashews
75 gr of mais
1/2 cumcumber
1/2 oinion
1 coffee spoon cinamon powder
1 coffee spoon curry powder
50 ml skiny yoghurt
salt and peper

1. Cook the couscous as mentioned on the package. Then add the raisins.
2. Meanwhile, combine the chicken cubes in a bowl, the cashew nut, corn, the cumcumber cubes, onion, cinnamon, curry and yogurt. Mix the cooled couscous chicken mixture. Transfer the couscous salad to taste with salt and pepper.

Then it’s time to (guilt-free) enjoy!

Meanwhile in the garden the raspberries are growing (thanks Jacco and Gerda 😉 )


  • ★ Delph

    Ah ah !!! J'ai croisé ma grande nièce cet aprèm qui t'attend de pieds fermes ! Je crois que ça va se bichonner toutes les deux pendant ces 3 jours de vacances 😉 Une fois de plus, je ne comprend rien à cette recette en anglais, mais la photo m'est très alléchante !!! Pourras-tu me traduire ta recette de ton cheesecake et la laisser à Stephan quand tu viendras si je ne te vois pas… ???? 😉

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