The spring has arrived in my front yard!

We had a lot of nice weather this week and i was looking forward to gardening this week. But Friday the weather turned around and it was very cold and cloudy. When i woke up this morning i saw a little bit of sun and it was windy.
Though i decided to go to the gardening shop and i couldn’t resit to buy some flowers for my garden ( not knowing exactly where i”ll be putting them :S)

this is what i bought today:

– a peony
– a rhubarb
– strawberries
– a butterfly bush
– a rose

And i’m very proud of the result:

What do you think of the result??

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    1. Ahhhh, je t'ai retrouvé !!!! Je croyais que tu avais supprimé ton blog car je n'arrivais plus à y accéder !!! Heureusement “Stéphan” m'a aiguillée !
      Et je suis ravie de te retrouver !
      Plutôt, sympa cette allée fleurie ! Chez nous, toujours en déco intérieur… pas encore le temps d'être à l'extérieur !!!

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