Miss Frenchy’s diary; week 1 of 2017

The first week of January has already came to an end. Let's see what has happened ;) Monday January 2sd We had an appointment for our boy in Leeuwarden and he did just great. So we thought he has deserv ed to go to McDonald. His favorite spot: the playing corner! And it's Dad's fav too. Who said cats can't spoon?? Tuesday January 3rd Tuesday was my first day at the office after my Christmas break. Look what i've found…

Weigh-in Tuesday: week 1-2016

Hi Frenchies, The first week of 2016 has past already! It was not quiet as planned as the nothern side of my country (where I live) was surprised by ice! I have spent 3 days inside....Unfortunately our little boy was also ill which wasn't easy to handle I realize once more that food is (and hopefully i'll be able to change that this year) my way to keep calm. Our boy has totally recoverd and he is his happy self…

My weightloss goals voor 2016

Hi Frenchies! I finally got time to sit and write my goals for 2016! Yeah me!! With determination and motivation 2016 will be good year. My hopes for this new begining is to finally achieve my weightloss and let go of the struggle. I love making list, plans, overviews and mood board so of course I made one for my weightloss :) The plan It's a picture of a document as I couldn't manage to load a document to this…

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