My new year’s goals


2016 has left the building, make place for 2017! A new year has come and with it, a bunch of new year’s resolutions and goals.
I love how a new year smells: fresh! Like everything is possible!
I did wrote a goals post for 2016 ( which I already evaluated here) and this I have taken some new goals and a few old ones. Maybe 2017 will be nicer te me 😉
I have put my goals for the coming year in two categories: Personal and Blog.
Let’s start with the Personal ones.
– Being a more present and active mom
– Taking better care of myself (which I already started on November 19th by signing up Weight Watchers)
– (Finally) starting our US dream road trip fund
On the Blog side my goals are:
– Post more regularely and create interesting content
– Keep connecting with this amazing blogging community
– Learn more about blogging itself and photography ( I gave myself a Canon EOS 1200D in june 2016!!)
Actually I could go on and on writting goals, it’s never enough and I can always think about something that can/need to be improved. My main focus is to cut all those above in smaller goals to keep them do-able. I hope you’ll keep coming to my blog to see my baby steps and maybe I can inspire you to take some yourself too.
Now I told you mine, what are your goals for this fresh new start?
So, to an amazing new year!
Miss Frenchy



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    1. Nice to read all your goals! Good inspiration. Ofcourse I made also some new goals fot 2017. xxx Chantal van Your Fashion Avenue

      1. Thanks Chantal, I’ve take a look at yours. I love that you always want to learn new things

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