I’m back!!

Hi Frenchies!

Have you missed me?? I know I did miss you….
A few months have passed and I come to realize I missed writting and posting on my blog. But I also did some thinking. I was in a rut, not sure anymore what I wanted to write about. Definitly not about weightloss! It may have occure to you that I was only writting that it didn’t worked out. It made me feel sad and disapointed to write week after week that yet again I couldn’t pulled it off.

But then, what should I write about??? That’s why I paused my blog. I need to remind myself why I started in the first place. It took me a while to figure it out but, thanks to a fabulous squad of ladies on Instagram (you will recognize yourself ladies;) ) I found my groove back.

I started blogging when I got burned out, in 2011. My goal was to set my mind off to something new and I got the writing bug. Then I started to blog about cooking and our new home. When I think about this, I want to blog most of all to get connected with people form all around the world, I want to share happy moments and also journaling how bless I actually am.

my reasons to blog
my reasons to blog



So, I’m back! I will do something different than before. To get used to write I will do a “30 days blog challenge” but mine will be more a “30 weeks blog Challenge” hahahaha. And I want to start journaling again 😉

I hope you will like it as well and enjoy it, maybe get inspired 😉

So, see you on my next blog

Miss Frenchy

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