Dessert or cake? How to call it?

Sinds last week i’m on maternity leave, over 3 weeks we are going to be parents!! So exciting and excited!!
But for now i have to wait and i’m not very good at it. So i thought I should go further with my blog!!

Yesterday this recipe hit me! It’s a recipe without a name actually… A friend of my parents made it once or twice for us and it is that easy i still know how to make it! 🙂

This is what you’ll need:
– a pack of thee biscuit
– 300 ml of vanilla pudding (or another taste you may like)
– 2 cup of coffee, cold
– some liquid wipped cream
– 2 spoons of Sugar

1. make the pudding according the recipe on the box.
2. Dip the thee biscuits in the coffee and lay a layer in rectangular/square mold
3. spread a layer of pudding
4. again lay a layer of coffee dipped thee biscuit ans spread a layer of pudding. Do so how many times you want.
5. Mix the Sugar with the liquid cream and pour on the layers.
6. Put into the refrigerator for 2 hours

 This is what you’ll need;)

See the result here!

Now i need your meaning on how to call this dish!!

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