Cup cakes sunday!

Dear all,How are you? It's been a while, I know but a lot has happened. I got a little bit overwelmd by life the last few years and i reached a breakpoint in may this year. I had to take things slowly and I'm recovering :)But today I felt like I needed to make some bakkery. And this the result!Hope you'll enjoy!My sister gave me this book (it was in a set, you know with some cups) for Christmas 2 years ago and…

Cooking wednesday: Couscous salad with smoked chicken

Hi there!I'm back, it's been a few weeks since i wrote something but it was kind of busy here ;)Tonight i have made a couscous salad from the Light Koken magazine of July. It's a magazine available in Holland, with only healthy and skinny recipes which fit all kind of diet (low carb, diabetic...). I like it very much, they write about food but also mindfulness, sport, different diets available and so.So for tonight i choose to make the Couscous…

Cooking wednesday! potatoe & fennel casserole

Hi there!As i told last week i wanted to use my free wednesday as a cooking wednesday.I was already think about it all week: what should i do?? So far i only placed baking things so i decided to make a dish this week.But then, what kind of dish? I bought the Jamie Oliver magazine monday and there i found it!!A potatoe fennel casserole! i love fennel, it's fresh and i like the anise taste of it.We are lucky to…

Raspberry muffin à la Coeur de sucre

Delphine from Parfums de Gourmandises has a theme for the month of May: Cupcakes May.She has already made 3 differents cupcakes for this month and i was charmed by her Raspberries cupcake.Here are mines:I've made them for Hubby and i but also for my friend who's jut became a mother. She liked my cupcake ;)As i will have some free times coming weeks i hope to post more often on what i've baked, cooked, sewed and gardenned ;)See you very…

Last chapter on garden construction and more….

Our backyard is ready!!! Last weekend i've planted all my tomatoes, cucumber, eggplants, letuce and strawberries in my veggie garden.Monday Hubby and I also placed the bright white gravel which is the finishing touch of our backyard.We are happy!!Last month Hubby and i went to Italy for the first for the holidays and we had found a nice  (as it seemed) hotel in Toscany. Our destination was Montecani Terme, north of Toscany  and later on we would drive southern to…

The gardenning adventure is going on….

H. and I decided to let someone do the big job in the garden and we also changed our ideas about the style we wanted.No, the veggie garden has not disappeared!! but the pond becomes a long term project.That's how our backyard looks like after one day of labor:

a juicy news

Last week i ordered a juicer! I read a lot about how healthy it is for you to drink fresh juice of fruit but also from vegetable. I decided to give it a try as it's very difficult sometimes to eat enough vegetablesso this is how it looks like:Nice isn't it??so yesterday, after the gardening, after the  cookies, i made some fresh juice.3 stalks selerygrapes2 pears, doyenne du comiceAnd the result is.....Green!

The spring has arrived in my front yard!

We had a lot of nice weather this week and i was looking forward to gardening this week. But Friday the weather turned around and it was very cold and cloudy. When i woke up this morning i saw a little bit of sun and it was windy.Though i decided to go to the gardening shop and i couldn't resit to buy some flowers for my garden ( not knowing exactly where i''ll be putting them :S)this is what i…

New plants in the garden

Tonight i was in the mood to work a bit in the garden. The weather has been very kind the past few days and it's very nice to  be outside after a day at the office.In the backyard i plant 2 vines, given by friendsAt the frontyard i plant also 2 kiwi plants (also given by friends)  kiwi plant 1 kiwiplant 2it doesn't look nice yet but hopefully we will be albe to eat some kiwi soon ;)

the start of everything

We moved to our new home last august. We were first very busy with the inside of the house.we decided to wait for spring 2012 to take care of the garden.Well, this is our startpointWe have a lot of ideas:- the "island"in the middle should become a terrace-  a pond around it- a veggie gardenWe will see what 2012 bring to us

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