La Fashion

Oops I did it again! shoes addict

Hi there!   Oops I did it again ( on the tune of Britney's song) My name is Raymonde and I'm a shoe addict!  (Everyone replies : Hi Raymonde!). I think it's the most common addiction that touches women, right? I mean, I can slim down or  gain a few pound, i stil can count on my shoes to be on top. I may not alsways be happy with my waist size but my shoes are always something to…

The start of a new (fashion) adventure

Hi there! Welcome to my page on Fashion ( I gave it een Frenchy twist ;) ) I've always been into fashion but for a very strange reason you wouldn't always say so when you see me. I follow some blogs online such as Putting me together and Outfitposts. I take a look there almost every day! Audrey from Putting me together has made some posts on how to build a wardrobe from scratch and how to build a remixable wardrobe. I want…

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