Oops I did it again! shoes addict

Hi there!


Oops I did it again ( on the tune of Britney’s song)

My name is Raymonde and I’m a shoe addict!  (Everyone replies : Hi Raymonde!).
I think it’s the most common addiction that touches women, right? I mean, I can slim down or  gain a few pound, i stil can count on my shoes to be on top. I may not alsways be happy with my waist size but my shoes are always something to show off. Since a few years (since 2014 exactly) it has been even easier for me to satisfy this addiction thanks to JustFab.
Why I order through JustFab, you may ask? I love their collections, what spoke to me back then was their pretty and femine heels I couldn’t find in store in the Netherlands. I discover later that they also have greats boots. I don’t consider myself having big calves but it’s very difficult for me to find high boots which suits me over here. JustFab does have them. The shoes/boots/flats are also all well priced. The quality and the service they provide are excellent! I had to send back a few pairs because it didn’t feet perfectly and I always have been well treated.
 Today I want to show you what I have purchased this week.
  • The Rebeckah flat



  • The Matina heeled boot in Black
  • The Matina heeled boot in Tan


It’s good right? I can’t wait to wear them!!
I also snapped a pic from their site to show you how it works and how to become a VIP!

Isn’t it wonderfull to have at least somewhere the status of VIP?? It’s been years for me know and I have to tell you that it’s very easy to skip the month when needed which gave me a feeling of controle by times.
I hope you enjoyed my shopping cart!
Maybe you want to be able to shop at JustFab? I have a special link for you, click here to go to the homepage of your country.



Miss Frenchy


Disclaimer: JustFab didn’t ask me to write this post and doesn’t pay me for this. Those are my thoughts only. I only can receive some discount if you choose, just like me, to become a VIP member.



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