30 posts blogchallenge: #1 My blog’s name

Hi Frenchies,

There it is, my first post in this serie!

background miss frenchy

So I will start with my blog’s name. My site is called “the world of Miss Frenchy” because missfrenchy.com was already taken 🙁 I wanted “miss frenchy” in it so I made it works.
Why must “miss frenchy” so desperatlly in it you would ask? Well, I am actually French, you might be surprised 😛
I was born and raised in southwest of France and in 2001 I emigrated to the Netherlands. So the Frenchy refers to my root. Furthermore I am a woman and not married so “Miss” was on its place. I chose to add “the world of” because I wanted to keep it so open as possible. I like to write about many topics and I wanted to journaling what’s keep me busy in my everyday life.

I started blogging in 2012, in that period I got burned out and I thought blogging would help me expressing myself and fill my time. My first blog was on Blogger and later on I datre to step over to wordpress.org. And 4 years I’m still here!

I want to make more effort to better journaling my life as time goes fast and that way there is still a trace of it.

Thanks for reading and let me if you want to know more.

Miss Frenchy


More about Miss Frenchy


    1. So nice to have some insight to your life. Welcome back to blogging girly ❤

      Love Shan xxx

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