Just do it?

Just do it? Could it be really that easy? I haven't written a post in a long while, I couldn't set myself to it. This is going to be a personal and…

Weightloss journey update

So, how is the weightloss journey going?? Good question, my last post about it is from March 2017, you can read it here. A few things have happened since then. Despite the…

Oops I did it again! shoes addict

Hi there!   Oops I did it again ( on the tune of Britney's song) https://youtu.be/CduA0TULnow My name is Raymonde and I'm a shoe addict!  (Everyone replies : Hi Raymonde!). I think…

Recipe: Banana oats muffin

Hi Frenchies, Today I am try to master the art of posting a recipe on my blog elagantly. I hope you'll like it! [cooked-recipe id="991"]

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